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The Entrepreneur:  Jeremy Bencken  '97

The Venture:  BuzzStream, a service that helps companies manage link-building and social media engagement campaigns.  In other words, BuzzStream helps attract press and links to your website so that customers can find you via social media and search engines. 

Search engines and social media have fundamentally changed the way people shop and learn about products.  Media fragmentation has resulted in millions of micro-influencers sharing knowledge and experiences across blogs, Twitter, websites, etc.  BuzzStream feels building relationships with these influencers is the key to getting found by customers.  How can companies manage this effectively? Enter BuzzStream.  BuzzStream's tools were developed based on the experience of entrepreneurs who wanted a better way to bring order to developing authentic relationships with word-of-mouth influencers across a vast array of online mediums.

What's Next:  Chairman Jeremy Bencken welcomes you to learn more about their flagship products:




 by visiting their website blog or follow on Twitter.

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