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How to Win an Elevator Pitch Competition
by Dylan Salisbury, 2009 MBA Elevator Pitch Champion


Elizabeth Ford, Senior Assistant Dean, Business School Graduate Programs (left) and EC President Swetha Sirupa congratulate winner Dylan Salisbury.

Congratulations to Dylan Salisbury, the winner of the elevator pitch competiton organized by the Entrepreneur's Connection Executive Team. Participants had just two minutes to pitch their idea to a venture capitalist.  The winner had this to say:

It was exhilirating to try to sell the judges on my own vision of a market opportunity and the way to seize it.  My hands were shaking as I tried to read from my notes.  Fortunately, I was able to add a couple of key points during the Q&A session with the judges.  Thanks to EC for setting up this very professional event. I left with a better understanding of how to make a first impression with a potential investor, and I also made a first impression with other students and faculty.

For future participants, I would recommend to prepare by finding a market that you know the potential for.  See if you can describe the market opportunity and then your solution but still keep it to two minutes!

                                   -Dylan Salisbury  

For more of Dylan's first-hand account of his experience, visit his blog here.

For a link to the recap and photos of the event from the EC site, please click here.

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