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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Offers Technologies Ripe for Student Business Plans


Looking to collaborate with business schools and entrepreneurial centers for various business plan competitions, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has recently launched the Industrial Partnerships Office to provide access to technologies ripe for evaluation and business development.

Through this offering, students receive access to real-world and disruptive opportunities that have potential for innovative applications and significant economic impact. Along the way, LLNL receives the critical insight from entrepreneurs that helps them to more fully define and successfully transfer their technologies to the private sector.

As the Office’s outreach program nears the end of its first academic year in action, chief technologist Dr. Ralph Jacobs and his team are enjoying the process and experience of collaborating with students.

“New perspective, fresh ideas, a lot of enthusiasm…the whole business school environment is quite electric and eye-opening for us,” says Jacobs. “It’s a win-win situation: they get real technologies to work with, and we get new perspectives on our technologies in terms of new applications and markets. The other thing that’s impressed me is that venture capitalists can’t get enough of this. I’ve spoken to numerous angels and venture capital groups, and they all express strong interest─they want to take it to the next steps, look at the business plans and talk to the students.”

Twelve of the existing 17 technologies currently offered on the Industrial Partnership Office’s site are now spoken for and in development, but new opportunities will be posted soon for consideration by students at SCU and other participating universities.

Santa Clara students interested in collaborating with LLNL’s Industrial Partnership Office during the coming academic year are invited to contact Nick Kurns at (408) 554-2721.



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