Santa Clara University

Reserving a Room in Lucas Hall — Basic Information

Classrooms & Outdoor Space

To reserve a classroom you must contact University Events Planning (408.554.6911), which has jurisdiction over all classrooms and the outdoor space outside Lucas Hall (Lucas Hall Courtyard; Franklin Street Patio).

Conference Rooms

To reserve a conference room, you should submit your request through AdAstra (  Faculty, staff, and University-recognized student groups may use the conference room for meetings. Although specific conference rooms may be requested, we will assign rooms based on availability, needs, and the size of your group. University-recognized student groups should ask their faculty/staff advisor for help in securing the rooms. Conference rooms cannot be used as study areas.

Project Team / Breakout Areas

To reserve the break out areas, students may go to the following link and reserve the breakout area. Preference is given to graduate business students after 4:00 PM. Periodic reviews of all reservations will be conducted to ensure fair usage.

Students are STRONGLY encouraged to reserve the breakout rooms online, using the "Advanced Reservation Form" found to the right of the reservation screen. This ensures that reservations are password protected and cannot be accidently deleted by other members of the community.



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