Santa Clara University

Practical Business Strategy for Senior Leaders

Where do senior leaders learn the practice of strategy? Unlike leaders in finance, engineering, or marketing, for example, they don't come up through a strategy function. As a result, people rise to very senior positions in their company devoid of one of the potentially most powerful tools in the executive arsenal.

In a concentrated, 1-2 day program on "Practical Business Strategy", your team can strengthen their ability to think and execute strategically. Led by faculty with extensive experience helping more than 100 companies develop and implement successful business strategies, participants in this custom program will learn:

  • the vernacular of strategy and why, for example, a common error in strategic planning can lead to suboptimal organizational performance;
  • best practices in both creating strategy, and more importantly, executing that strategy;
  • tools of the strategy practitioner, and how to use them to create, differentiate, focus, communicate, and execute business strategy.

For further information, please contact:
Larry Robertson, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Executive Education
Executive Development Center
Leavey School of Business
Santa Clara University
tel: 408-554-4681

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