Santa Clara University


Endowed Chairs in the Leavey School of Business

The tradition of endowed chairs within a university dates to at least the 16th century when benefactors provided significant gifts to support distinguished scholars in their research. Some of the chairs established early in the history of Oxford and Harvard universities are still occupied today, still supporting important scholarship that brings recognition to the institutions that nurtures it.

At Santa Clara University, faculty scholarship is recognized by appointment to a professorship ('chair'). These important honors are provided by generous donors who know that the creation of knowledge is a significant part of a University's mission, and desire to see it sustained over generations.

Below is a list of endowed chairs/professorships held in Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business. For background on the benefactors and chair namesakes, select the title of the chair. To learn more about the faculty member currently holding the chair, selection of the person's name will take you to the individual's profile page within the academic department.

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