Santa Clara University


About Glenn Klimek

Glenn Klimek, MBA '75, was remarkable in many ways. In 1976, just one year out of business school, he made a sizable donation to the University. Many people wait until later in life to begin substantial giving; Klimek had the optimism and foresight to include giving in his plan for his fledgling company, Dysan Corporation.

The gift, of 25,000 shares of stock valued at $12,000, was generous. But five years later, in 1981, the company had gone public and the stock was valued at $700,000. No one was happier than Klimek, who had the satisfaction of seeing his friend and former professor, Al Bruno—an expert in venture capital and high technology—appointed as the first holder of the Glenn Klimek chair. Regrettably, Klimek died an untimely death from cancer only three years later.

Klimek's gift lives on as a tribute to the young MBA graduate whose early generosity resulted in a legacy far beyond anyone's expectations.

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