Santa Clara University

Food & Agribusiness Institute
Location: 3230 Alameda

Edward O'Malley

Edward O'Malley received his M.B.A. in Agribusiness from Santa Clara University (1978) and his B.S. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Illinois (1977) with an emphasis in International Trade and Development.

Mr. O'Malley has 30 years of global experience in the food industry in marketing and supply-chain management. He worked for Dole Foods for 14 years in logistics and marketing, including 2 years in Operations in the Philippines.

During 7 years in international sales and marketing, he marketed food products in over 15 countries. He directed the launch of Sunkist Pistachios in China, England and Sweden as well as marketed Krusteaz brand foods in Latin America and Asia. He also served as Managing Director for Chalice Wines, LLC in the Georgia Republic (1997). Mr. O'Malley has agricultural development experience on USAID-funded projects in Russia (1994) and Afghanistan (2009).

Mr. O'Malley was previously in Innovations and Business Management with Fresh Express and was recently Vice-President of Supply Chain for Albert's Organics, responsible for all produce purchasing and inbound transportation for the $200 million distributor and an independent consultant specializing in agribusiness marketing and supply chain and agricultural development projects. He was recently named President and CEO of Datepac, LLC in Yuma, AZ.

Mr. O'Malley was the first speaker for FAI's Food For Thought Series and spoke about his agricultural development project in Afghanistan.

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