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FAI Facilitated Immersion in Africa

From June 23rd through July 2nd, Dr. Gregory Baker, director of the Food and Agribusiness Institute, led Santa Clara University's first immersion experience in Africa.  He and visiting professor Dr. Vincent Amanor-Boadu from Kansas State University traveled with twelve SCU business undergraduate students to Ghana where the highlights of their trip included visiting an AIDS hospice, a cacao research institute, a microfinance company, a habitat village, a monkey sanctuary, a slave castle, and a school.  The group also stayed with families for part of their trip.
View photo highlights of the trip.

Reflecting on their experience, some of the students wrote:

"Going on this immersion trip to Ghana was easily one of the best decisions that I have ever made. It expanded my horizons, pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to reexamine how I view the world."

"Immersion trips are the first step to realizing a universal truth, the truth that despite all of our differences, we are all intertwined. We are all related, bound up together by the common thread of our humanity."

"This immersion trip has encompassed everything I have received through my experience at Santa Clara, building a stronger understanding of business inside and outside the classroom while integrating my knowledge and passion for my major on a global scale."

"I learned so much, met incredible people, and saw a world completely unlike my own.  It was simply unforgettable."

The students will be raising funds this year to build two houses in the habitat village where they stayed with families. The students have already raised 75 percent of the amount needed. They only have $1500 remaining to raise and are currently planning a benefit concert, among other things, to accomplish their funding goal.

This immersion was tied to a course taught by Dr. Baker, BUSN 196 Business, Economic Development and Social Change in Ghana.

Future immersions sponsored through FAI will be tied to the new FAI facilitated pathway, Food, Hunger, Poverty, and Environment. More information about the FHPE Pathway.

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