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Ghana Immersion Students Share their Experiences

The students who participated in the Ghana immersion this summer will present their immersion experience through stories and photos. Anyone is welcome to attend to hear more about the impact that immersion has on students' lives.

Please visit here to see a few photos taken in Ghana.

Wednesday, February 24th
6:30 p.m.
Williman Room, Benson Center
Dessert buffet provided
All are welcome
Students considering any immersion trip are especially encouraged to attend to ask questions and to discover more about immersions.  One student who participated in the Ghana immersion chose to study abroad in Ghana during the fall quarter, so students considering Ghana as a study abroad destination would also gain insight from this event.
Purchase a raffle ticket at the event to be entered to win a new iPod (or Apple gift certificate) to help the students raise funds to build two houses in the Nkwantakese village in Ghana, where they stayed with families.

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