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Immersion Trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Interested in joining us for a 12 day immersion to Costa Rica and Nicaragua?

Download the application online

We are still accepting applications!

Immersion trip is scheduled for June 27 – July 7, 2011

Sponsored by the Food and Agribusiness Institute and the Leavey School of Business
All undergraduate freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are welcome to apply!

All participants will be required to register for and attend a 2-unit lecture series that will take place during spring 2011. 

BUSN 151 FHPE (Food, Hunger, Poverty, Environment) Immersion

The course blends short lectures, guided discussions and reflections and a 12-day immersion in Costa Rica and Nicaragua interacting with local people of diverse backgrounds for experiential active learning. The goal is to increase students’ understanding of the role of business in the developing world and to explore the role of business in alleviating poverty through economic development and the pursuit of social justice.

For more information, contact Jessica Gagnon by email or by phone 408-554-4086

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Food & Agribusiness Institute
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