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Follow Your Food: Strawberries

12-1:30 PM in the Williman Room
Tuesday, May 17th
Lunch will be provided.
RSVP required by 5/13 to

Enjoy a meal featuring strawberries as you learn about where strawberries are locally sourced, how many are consumed on campus, and their nutritional value and other fun facts about this summertime fruit.

Sponsored by the Food & Agribusiness Institute and Bon Appetit.

The Follow Your Food Series
The Follow Your Food Series is jointly sponsored by the Food and Agribusiness Institute and Bon Appétit.  Faculty, staff, and students will enjoy a meal featuring a fresh, seasonal, and local food product while learning more about where that product is locally sourced, how much of it is consumed on campus, the history and nutritional value of the item and more.

Food & Agribusiness Institute
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