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  •  Food for Thought: Little Packets of Hope

    Tackling under-nutrition, including micronutrient deficiencies, is increasingly recognized as a high priority and high-return development investment, closely linked to achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. While attention has often focused on one or several individual micronutrients such as iron or vitamin A, poor quality diets are known to result in multiple deficiencies. Infants, young children and women of reproductive age are most vulnerable due to the high nutrient requirements of growth, pregnancy and lactation. For these groups, innovative and affordable approaches are needed to fill gaps in essential nutrients, and policy action may be required to develop and deliver them.

    Lipid-based nutrient supplements (LNS) are a family of products designed to deliver nutrients to vulnerable people. They are considered “lipid-based” because the majority of the energy provided by these products is from lipids (fats). All LNS products provide a range of micronutrients, but unlike most other multiple micronutrient supplements LNS also provide energy, protein, and essential fatty acids (EFA). Like other essential nutrients, EFA cannot be produced within the body and must be consumed. High energy/high dose LNS products such as Plumpy’nutTM have emerged as a very effective option for treating severe acute malnutrition in children, and make it possible to do so via community-based programs.

    The current iLiNS Project seeks to build on the work with additional efficacy trials in Malawi, Ghana, and Burkina Faso. The new trials aim to confirm the potential of LNS for prevention of under-nutrition, and will identify product formulations that are optimized with respect to nutrient content and energy dose, and are cost-effective.

    Dr. Vosti is an economist at UC Davis and is responsible for the socioeconomic research associated with the LNS trials.  He will present an overview of the project, and then focus on the economics of early childhood undernutrition.    



  •  The Business of Nurseries

    Join FAI for the Business of Nurseries with alumnus Steve McShane, MBA '02 on May 17th at 5:00 p.m. in Conference Room 21 in the Benson Center. Steve will discuss the "behind the scenes" aspects of the nursery business, focusing on distribution and retail. He will share his experience creating and sustaining a successful business. He previously worked for Taylor Farms of California as a Product Manager and for NewStar Fresh Foods as a Director of Quality Assurance before opening McShane's Nursery and Landscape Supply in 2005.


  •  Greenhorns Documentary Screening

    Join us for a special screening of "The Greenhorns" and speaker panel.  Greenhorns is a documentary about young farmers in America.  It is a 50 minute story about their spirit, practices, and needs.  This relevant work is the result of 3 years of hard effort, 500 hours of footage and participation of startup entrepreneurs around the country working on their dreams to feed others.  There will also be a speaker panel of young farmers discussing what they do and their background and general outlook regarding being a young and/or startup farmer.
    April 18, 2012
    Lucas Hall 126

  •  Triple Farm Field Trip

     Join the Food & Agribusiness Institute for a day field trip to visit three different farms in Hollister, CA.  This is a great opportunity and experience to learn first hand about the organic farming industry. If you are curious about food systems and the benefits of local farms, you will get to see how each farm supports a sustainable model as well as their business practices. Don't miss out!
    *Lunch will be provided

     WHAT: Triple Farm Field Trip

    Pinnacle Organic Produce
    Catalan Farm
    Oya Organics

    WHERE: Hollister, CA

    WHEN: Saturday, April 28
    Bus leaves SCU 8:30 AM
    Return 4:30PM

    RSVP by April 25th at


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