Santa Clara University

Food & Agribusiness Institute

Advisory Board Profiles

Michael R. Barsanti
Mr. Barsanti is Secretary & Treasurer of Race Street Foods, Inc. in San Jose. He has been with the family owned and operated business since 1984. Read the full profile »
Mike Harwood
Professor of Practice, Food & Agribusiness Institute
Mike Harwood completed his MBA in Food and Agribusiness at Santa Clara University in 1992. Read the full profile »
John S. A. Hasbrook
Mr. Hasbrook completed his Bachelor of Science in Commerce and Finance in 1981 and his Masters of Business Administration in Agribusiness in 1983 from Santa Clara University. Read the full profile »
Pam Jones
Pam Jones is Senior Director/Senior Facilitator at Kearns & West, a San Francisco-based environmental collaboration, mediation and stakeholder engagement firm which specializes is water and energy issues. Read the full profile »
James R. Lugg
Mr. Lugg is a native Californian and a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley majoring in Soil Science.  His career started in Cooperative Extension in Kings County in 1956 and later in Monterey County. Read the full profile »
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