Santa Clara University

Food & Agribusiness Institute

Faculty & Staff

Gregory Baker
Director, Food & Agribusiness Institute, Naumes Family Professor
Dr. Baker has served as the Director for the Food & Agribusiness Institute since 2000. He earned his Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University and has taught at Santa Clara since 1988. Read the full profile »
Erika W. French-Arnold
Assistant Director, Food & Agribusiness Institute
Erika's work with the Food & Agribusiness Institute focuses on supporting the FAI MBA concentration and supporting the new undergraduate pathway, Food, Hunger, Poverty, and Environment. She also coordinates FAI's programs, events, and speakers. Read the full profile »
Mike Harwood
Professor of Practice, Food & Agribusiness Institute
Mike Harwood completed his MBA in Food and Agribusiness at Santa Clara University in 1992. Read the full profile »
Joanne T. Hale
Adjunct Faculty Member, Food & Agribusiness Institute
Joanne is supporting the FAI new undergraduate pathway, Food, Poverty and the Environment as Adjunct Lecturer for the Feeding the World class. She also looks forward to working with FAI?s future immersion trip for undergraduate business students to Nepal and other developing countries. Read the full profile »
Lucy Diekmann
Postdoctoral Scholar
Lucy is currently studying the impact of urban agriculture in Santa Clara County, and what challenges urban agriculture projects in the heart of Silicon Valley face. Read the full profile »
Carol K Goad
Administrative Assistant, Food and Agribusiness Institute
Carol is the new Administrative Assistant for the Food and Agribusiness Institute. She provides administrative support to Erika French-Arnold and Dr. Greg Baker. Together with a great team of student assistants, Carol helps coordinate campus events, field trips, and undergraduate and postgraduate involvement in FAI concentrations. Read the full profile »

Affiliated Faculty Profiles

Mario L. Belotti
W.M. Keck Foundation Professor
Dr. Mario Belotti is the W.M. Keck Foundation Professor. He has been teaching at Santa Clara University since the Fall of 1959. Read the full profile »
Leslie Gray
Executive Director, Environmental Studies Institute
Leslie Gray is currently researching the environmental and equity dimensions surrounding global cotton production, focusing on how the agricultural subsidies given to farmers in wealthy countries affect poor farmers in West Africa. Read the full profile »
S. Andrew "Drew" Starbird
Professor, Operations & Management Information Systems
Dr. S. Andrew Starbird became Director of My Own Business Institute on August 1 2015. He was previously Dean of the Business School from 2010 to 2015. Read the full profile »

Student Staff Profiles

Lyubomir Grigorov
Visual Communications Assistant
Lyubomir will be entering his senior year at Santa Clara, aiming to graduate with a double major in Communication and Economics. He is a visual communication assistant for the Food and Agribusiness Institute, producing and developing media content for the Institute. Read the full profile »
Jamie Monk
Research Assistant
Jamie is a senior at Santa Clara University and is pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She works as a Student Research Assistant for the Food and Agribusiness Institute, working specifically with Dr. Baker's Childhood Obesity Survey. Read the full profile »
Greg Pruett
Events and Outreach Student Manager
Greg Pruett is currently an MBA student in Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business. He also works as the Events and Outreach Student Manager for the Food and Agribusiness Institute. Read the full profile »
Courtney Robinson
Research Manager
Courtney Robinson is currently an MBA student in Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business. She also works as a Research Assistant for the Food and Agribusiness Institute. Read the full profile »
Claire Sommer
Student Research Assistant
Claire is about to enter her senior year at SCU, pursing a major in Communications and a minor in Economics. Claire is excited to have joined the FAI team to further her knowledge and understanding of the food and agriculture industry. She conducts research under the instruction of Dr. Baker and Courtney Robinson. Read the full profile »
Max Williamson
Food & Agribusiness Institute
Max is a senior and looks forward to receiving a degree in economics and a minor in Italian in June. As a research assistant for the FAI, Max currently gleans the freshest data that will create the annual Hunger Index, an index that is produced by SCU in partnership with the Second Harvest Food Bank. Read the full profile »
Serena Wong
Visual Communications Assistant
Serena is a senior pursuing a major in English and a minor in Communication, and is happy to be working as the FAI's Visual Communications Assistant. She is in charge of running the Institute's social media and managing its online presence. She also writes for the FAI blog and creates flyers and graphics for events and programs hosted by the Institute. Read the full profile »
Lauren Cloward
Events and Outreach Coordinator
Lauren is a senior majoring in Environmental Studies and Political Science and is excited to join the FAI team as the Events and Outreach Coordinator. She works to plan events and involve alumni and the campus community in the FAI. Read the full profile »