Santa Clara University

John Fay

Lecturer of Finance

John Fay graduated from the University of Rochester in 1971, majoring in Psychology and Business. After completing his undergraduate studies, he became the Financial Manager of a $4.2 billion US Air Force program that employed assembly lines in five countries. He got his MBA in 1977 (Wright State University) then continued working towards national defense at Lockheed from 1979-1993. During his stint at Lockheed, Fay developed a successful financial system and served as Internal Consultant for Performance Measuring Systems. He also earned his MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from San Jose State in 1988.

Fay started teaching in 1991 at the UC Santa Cruz extension, where he developed and taught numerous investment and management courses. At SCU, he currently teaches courses in financial management and investments at the MBA and undergraduate levels.

May 2008


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