Santa Clara University


Washington, D.C.

_Washington D

September 2010 testimonials and pictures

"Policy is born in Washington D.C. and impacts every aspect of business.  An understanding of business is not complete without a trip to D.C. - I absolutely recommend this trip!"
- MBA student, 2010


_Turkey 3

August 2010 pictures
"Real life situations of things I had only read about in textbooks. It was like a case study come to life right there for me to take advantage of!"
- MBA student, 2010


The Great Wall of China
August 2008 testimonials and pictures

"I am now able to carry an intelligent perspective on the Asian business environment and this has truly expanded my horizons.  I have a rich understanding of the opportunities and difficulties companies face in the international market."
- MBA student, 2008


Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro

 August 2009 testimonials and pictures
 August 2011 pictures

"The experiences that I had on the Brazil trip are things that I could never have experienced in any other way, and I cannot express how much I would recommend this trip to my fellow MBA students."
- MBA student, 2009



September 2007
testimonials and pictures

"This trip opened my eyes to the enormous potential for business in India's emerging global presence.  I feel better prepared to serve as a globally-engaged manager because of this experience."
- MBA student, 2007

New Zealand

_New Zealand

March 2007 testimonials and pictures

"For one week, we lived and breathed the culture and challenges in each of the companies that we visited.  What we discovered was a country that, whole small in size, possessed the tenacity, drive, and education to compete successfully on a global scale."
-MBA student, 2007

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