Santa Clara University

"The Global Business Perspectives trip to Washington DC is one of the most memorable experiences of my MBA.  From Congressmen to think-tanks to non-profit organizations, we experienced the web of influence that turn ideas into policy.  Whether it is tax reform, financial regulation, corporate governance, or technological innovation (yes, even technology), DC is at the center stage.  Policy is born in DC, and impacts every aspect of business.  An understanding of business is not complete without a trip to DC - I absolutely recommend this trip!"

 “Of all the places to visit in the world, Washington DC is the political epicenter.  Decisions made there alter the course of the economy, impacting every business and individual on the planet.  Professor Furlong opened doors for our SCU class, providing access into Senate offices, Federal Reserve, lobbyists, think tanks, political influencers, NGOs and even an embassy.  Each visited provided powerful insights into the workings of US government.  The knowledge we gained and the contacts we made in one week will serve us well as we advance our businesses and our careers.”

“The caliber of the individuals that briefed us and the insider’s perspective on the key issues facing the nation were unparalleled. It is a historic time to visit DC and a every student should take advantage of this amazing program!”

Make sure to check out the photos of the trip, too!

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