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Creating Impactful Bullets

When you develop these statements, you will identify specific skills, traits, and values that will strengthen your resume. Elaborating upon these statements in an interview or at an informational meeting will help you to present your value to a potential employer.

Build a list of as many of your high impact statements as you can. This will help you to tailor your resume to a particular job that interests you. Identifying and writing out your accomplishments also helps you see what differentiates you.

Writing a high impact statement begins with you identifying the Problem, Action, and Results (PAR) for each one of your work experiences.

P= the problem that you helped the organization solve

A= the actions you took to solve the problem

R= the outcome of your efforts

Begin by identifying your accomplishments, outline 10 to 20 incidents, situations, or projects in which you did something that gave your career (or life) meaning:

  • What made you feel good about yourself or others feel good about you?
  • What awards, promotions, bonuses, or other forms of recognition did you receive? Why?
  • How did you efficiently manage others?
  • In what decision making or planning did you participate?
  • What problems did you identify and solve?
  • What new program, product or system did you introduce?
  • How did you save the company money or time?
  • How much?
You may choose to focus on accomplishments outside your current employment, but which relate to your new career objectives. Clearly identify the specific things you did or actions that you took:
  • Summarize the situation, incident, or project in one sentence.
  • What actions did you take?
  • With whom did you interact? Was this your idea? Did you identify a problem and/or recommend a solution? Did you have to persuade anyone to participate or cooperate with you?
  • What were the results of these actions? How were they successful? Who benefited from them? Quantify the benefits. Remember that most of what we do at work can be categorized in one of four ways:
    • Making Money
    • Saving Money
    • Increasing Efficiency
    • Serving Customers
Reference this bullet list to create high impact statements, beginning each statement with a powerful verb that refers specifically to a result. Quantify your results using numbers (1,2,3), percentages (%), and dollar signs ($). Avoid using adverbs ("effectively" or "significantly"). Numbers speak louder than adjectives.
High Impact Statement Example

Organization call center had experienced increased customer complaints since releasing the second generation of its flagship product. Complaints focused on customer knowledge of product functionality and call center response time to address issues.

Collaborated with product marketing to develop an online customer user interface with instructions more clearly showing how to access features.Established a customer call center process to provide added training support to customers and resolve allow call center to resolve user issues real-time.

Decreased customer complaints significantly within first 30 days of program rollout. Returned customer satisfaction ratings to pre-product release levels.

Resulting Accomplishment Statement on Resume
Implemented product training program in collaboration with product marketing and customer support to provide real-time support on product functionality, improved call center issue resolution time by 60%.

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