Santa Clara University

Students are generally expected to attend class sessions. Specific attendance requirements may be set by the faculty in the syllabi of individual courses.

If a student must drop all of his/her courses in any given quarter, that student must have a written request for a Leave of Absence (LOA) on file in the Academic Support and Records Office. Petition forms are available in the office or you can fill out our online form. Appropriate drop & program fees will be charged. Nonattendance in any quarter, other than Summer, is cause for administrative discontinuation.

Leaves of Absence (LOA)
All students who do not register by the end of the first week of any quarter of the academic year, excluding summer quarter, will be placed on the inactive list unless they have been given a leave of absence. A leave of absence request should be made on the Online LOA form or filled out and sent to the Graduate Business Programs Academic Support and Records Office.
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A leave of absence will be granted only for a specified period of time and normally not for more than one year (granted one quarter at a time). If the approved period for the leave of absence is exceeded and the student does not contact the Graduate Business Programs Office to request an extension by the end of the first week of the current quarter, the student must reapply to the program and will be considered for readmission as a new applicant.

A leave of absence will only be granted for two quarters if no course work has yet been completed. A leave of absence is NOT required for those students who do not attend summer quarter.

Completion Requirements
The requirements for the MBA or MSIS degree must be completed within six years of admission, including leaves of absence.

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