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Graduate Business Programs Policies : Special Drop Policies

One-Unit Drop Policies
To drop a one unit course, a student may drop the course during the first week of the quarter. After the first week, a students may drop a one-unit course by requesting in writing up until two days prior to the beginning of the course. Up until two days before the course, a student is eligible for 100% tuition refund (less any fees). If the drop occurs after this and on the first day of class, a student is eligible for 50% tuition refund (less any fees). A student is not eligible for a tuition refund if the drop occurs after the first day of class.

Leaves of Absence
If a student must drop all of his/her courses in any given quarter, that student must have a written request for a Leave of Absence on file in the MBA Office. Petition forms are available in the office. Appropriate drop & program fees will be charged. Nonattendance in any quarter, other than Summer, is cause for administrative discontinuation.

Graduate Student Responsibilities
It is the responsibility of each student to notify the Graduate Business Program office of any changes regarding his/her: e-mail, address, phone number, academic career changes, and all correspondence regarding 'incomplete' and/or alternate course completion plans as arranged with any instructors.

Please contact the Graduate Business Academic Support and Records Office at 408/554-5485 or

How to Drop a Class
Students are responsible for checking the Academic Calendar for correct deadline dates.
  • Log on to eCampus

  • Go to "Enroll in a Class" : Add/Drop/Swap a Class

  • Click on "Drop/Update Classes" at the bottom of the page

  • Select the "Drop" action

  • Enter the class section number in the field provided

  • Click on the yellow "Submit" button

  • Click on "OK" after you have verified that the information is correct

  • Go back to "View My Schedule" and be sure that the "Enrollment Status" is "Dropped"

  • Need more help? Contact the Graduate Business Programs Academic Support and Records Office at 408-554-5485 during regular business hours.

  • Go to eCampus [SCU password required] Go

Links to eCampus
Use eCampus Student Center to:

• register, add / drop classes
• update your address
• review your transcript
—and more

For help in using eCampus, check the Student Center Information Guide (in PDF) or contact Information Technology at 408-554-5700.

Link to eCampus/Student Center Go

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