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Graduate Business Programs : Directory

Lucas Hall 116
Santa Clara University
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara CA 95053
Phone no. 408-554-5485
FAX no. 408-554-4571
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Drawn from the SCU phonebook database, names and contact information listed below are displayed based on the 'on-campus/off-campus' preferences selected by the individual.
Name Phone Email
Lilygren, Kathy
Senior Assistant Dean
408-554-2752 contact form
Ashton, Jocylen
Director, Career Management
408-554-4304 contact form
Fernandez, Ramie
Assistant Director, Academic Support
408-551-1797 contact form
Ghiassi, Dr. Manoochehr
Faculty Director, MSIS Program, Business School Graduate Programs
408-554-4687 contact form
Gillingham, Tiffiny
Assistant Director, MSIS
408-551-7047 contact form
Gunzelman, Ashley
Assistant Director,Graduate Business Admissions
408-554-5291 contact form
Paulin, Alex
Director, EMBA, AMBA, MS Programs
408-554-2195 contact form
Stahl, Lesley
Assistant Director, EMBA, AMBA, MS Programs
408-554-5408 contact form
Walsh, Kelly
Assistant Director, Career Management
408-551-3000 contact form
Hee, Jana
Senior Director, Academic Support and Student Life
408-554-5298 contact form
Kerwin, Bridget
Assistant Director, Graduate Business Admissions
408-551-1633 contact form
Misley, Nicole
Customer Care Professional
408-554-5485 contact form
Stacy, Johanna
Assistant Director of Student Life
408-554-4588 contact form
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