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Graduation FAQs : University Commencement Ceremony

  • How many tickets are provided for the Commencement Ceremony?
    The Commencement Office has a strict policy of 6 Ceremony tickets per graduate and will not make accommodations beyond this count.
  • How can I get more tickets?
    The GBP Office does not manage ticket distribution for the Ceremony and we cannot provide you with more. The Commencement Ceremony is managed by the SCU Event Planning Office. If you have questions regarding this event, including ticket inquiries and disability accommodations, call (408) 554-2326.
  • How long is the Commencement Ceremony?
    Approximately 2.5-3 hours.
  • Do I need to attend all of the graduation day events?
    No, you are welcome to choose which graduation events you would like to attend.
  • Where do my guests park for graduation day events?
    Vehicles entering campus will be directed to graduation parking. Do not direct your guests to visitor parking if they don’t have a permit. Parking will be tight and the campus guards will direct you and your guests to zones where they will not be ticketing or towing. If you secure parking early, we don’t recommend leaving campus because parking will be difficult as time progresses since the Ceremony has a high number of attendees. If you attend the GBP Commencement Gala, easy parking is a perk since you’d be on campus earlier than most.
  • Where do I get my academic attire?
    All academic attire (gown, hood, cap) should be coordinated in advance through the SCU Bookstore.
  • When do I wear the academic attire?
    You wear the academic attire only for the Commencement Ceremony.
  • How do I wear my academic attire?
    The Bookstore is happy to show you how to properly wear your academic attire.
  • How do I secure my graduation cap?
    If you have longer hair, we recommend using bobby pins or other types of hair clips to keep your cap from falling off.
  • What kind of attire is appropriate for graduation day?
    You are welcome to dress as you’d like but we recommend business casual attire. Graduation day is usually hot and you will be sitting for awhile during the Ceremony.
  • Who do I contact if my guests have a disability and require reasonable accommodation?
    For the Commencement Ceremony, call the Event Planning Office at (408) 554-2326 – at least 72 hours in advance. Where can I find more information? Please refer to the bulletin sent to you by the Event Planning Office. It covers all the day’s events but isn’t Program specific. You may also refer to the University Commencement website at or call (408) 554-2326.
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