Santa Clara University

Network Elections 2011

Election Guidelines
  • All candidates must attend the information meeting on March 31, 2011 from 4:30 to 5:15 PM in Lucas Hall
  • Campaigning will be allowed after candidate approval
  • Flat screen designs must be submitted through the digital sign request form no later than April 6, 2011
    • only one sign (one horizontal and one vertical) may be submitted per candidate; no swapping out for "improved" signs after submission
    • if the sign is submitted in a dimension other than the 16:9 horizontal and 9:16 vertical ratio, it will be displayed as received
    • signs must be submitted using the digital sign form found at: 
    • candidates' signs will be group in the rotation and presented in alphabetical order, by last name. Signs will be put up as a group on the evening of April 8, so no one will have their signs up before another's
  • Online and social media campaigning will be allowed throughout the entire election
  • All campaigning must adhere to the Student Conduct Code (Graduate Bulletin, page 105). Any violation will result in immediate disqualification and possible disciplinary action.
  • No more than $250 may be spent on campaign. Budgets must be submitted by the end of the election with original receipts as proof of expenses.
  • Slate candidacy is not permitted.
  • Election will be determined by a majority.
  • All newly elected candidates are expected to attend the April 29 meeting from 5:00 to 9:00 PM
Election Timeline
March 29 / 30
Network Nights
March 31 at 4:30
Candidate Information Meeting, Lucas 125
April 6
Intention to run deadline. All forms must be submitted by 5 PM
April 9 - 24
April 18
Election survey launched
April 22
Campaign budgets submission deadline
April 24
Election closed
April 26
Election winners announced
April 29
INC Event
May 3
Inter-Network Council Meeting


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