Santa Clara University

Mark Peters, President

Mark Peters, IBN President

Mark is in his second year in SCU's MBA program with a concentration on Finance. Mark has spent his career working from an international perspective. He has lived and worked abroad in Europe, developing business and IPO plans based on the NYSE Euronext platform but most recently has been working in finance managing 18 international website domains from for a global e-retail company. Mark joined the International Business Network to try and offer a unique perspective of global business to the SCU student body and faculty. In his free time, Mark enjoy's travelling, hiking, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Jason Kunkel, Vice President

Jason Kunkel, IBN Vice President

Jason is in his second year in SCU's MBA program with a concentration in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce. He is a senior member of the Operations Team at Vantage Local, and manages all of the company’s international and domestic RTB display advertising campaigns. Jason joined the International Business Network to foster the student body’s perspective of international business and promote student culture. 

Tyler Stone, Chief Logistics Officer

Tyler Stone, IBN Chief Logistics Officer

Tyler has completed his first year in SCU’s MBA program and plans to continue his studies with a concentration in Financial Planning and Controllership. Tyler is interested in gaining a deeper knowledge of applying financial principles to drive company profitability. In addition, focusing on how to integrating financial strategy within organizations through the development of internal partnerships. Tyler has an undergraduate degree from Arizona State University in Finance and is currently working as a financial analyst at Lockheed Martin. He is responsible for managing budgets, financial forecasting, and working with government customers to manage and prioritize financial investments. Tyler is an avid golfer and hosts an annual charity golf tournament through the finance department at Lockheed Martin. Tyler joined the International Business Network in order to offer enlightening and entertaining events aimed at educating his fellow SCU peers on the topics of international business.

Michael Watson, Chief Technology Officer

Michael Watson, IBN Chief Technology Officer

Michael is in his second year in SCU's MBA program with concentrations in Doing Business in an International Context, and is interested in working internationally in the pharmaceutical industry. He is a Technology Engineer at Genentech, a member of the Roche group, and is currently working to expand his Biotechnology experience into a international setting. Michael is currently working on growing his small business venture of brewing beer and expanding production to become a larger presence at competitions. Michael joined the International Business Network to help build connections and relations between those that share a similar interest in International ventures.

Matthew Kecki, Chief Financial Officer

Matthew Kecki, IBN Chief Financial Officer

Matt Kecki is in his second year in Santa Clara Universities MBA program with a concentration in Finance. Matt went to USC for his undergraduate education studying economics and communication. Prior to attending college Matt competed internationally in tennis tournaments in over 23 countries. Matt joined the International Business Network to gain a broader business perspective on the effects of globilization on foreign markets.

Joseph Mazzella, Chief Legal Officer

Joseph Mazzella, IBN Chief Legal Officer

Joe is in his second year in SCU’s MBA program with a concentration on Finance and in his third year in SCU’s J.D. program. He has worked in various internships throughout his law and business career. His most recent internship was at an e-commerce website, working in the legal department and analyzing licensing contracts. Following his joint degree, he intends to work in corporate law, either in-house or at a firm. Joe plans on bringing a legal perspective to the International Business Network, opening up the discussion about legal costs and benefits of expanding businesses abroad.

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