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Morning Keynote co-sponsored by The Food and Agribusiness Institute and The Food and Agribusiness Network:

Susie Wyshak

From Good Food to Great Business
Making it happen by connecting the dots

Bay Area-based Susie Wyshak wrote Good Food, Great Business: How to Take Your Artisan Food Idea From Concept to Marketplace (Chronicle Books) to help aspiring food entrepreneurs decipher the intricacies of getting from farm to food product. In this talk, the author will highlight real-world stories, skills and strategies that help successful entrepreneurs build sustainable, rewarding food businesses. Learn more about Susie's work at

Session 1:

Rochelle Fernandes

What can we do to sustain our legacies? Consistent with her personal value system of individuality, freedom of expression and her philosophy of learning by doing, her presentation will consist of introspective exercises aimed to guide individuals to explore and refine their goals.

Hilary Hendershott

Creator of Money Blueprint for Business Owners and the Million Millionaires Campaign  

Santa Clara Alum, Hilary Hendershott created Money Blueprint for Business Owners to empower women and business owners to create profit and margin in their businesses and their lives. In this talk, Hilary will highlight her own financial transformation and the stories, skills, and strategies that help successful entrepreneurs and solopreneurs build profitable businesses. Learn more about Hilary's work at

Session 2:

Lisa Navarette

Kristal Dehnad

Session 3:

Darrel Mank

Managing the Icarus Paradox in a successful career.

Del will share some insights gained from a series of successful start-up companies.  Learn about collaborative efforts where success depends on defining the problems that need solving, developing &delivering solutions, and working effectively in diverse global teams.


Closing Keynote:

Yvonne Pendleton

How does one redefine the way women are viewed in a male dominated industry?  In this presentation, Dr. Pendleton will share her experiences working at NASA, what she's done to create her own success and what we can do to pave the way for others.

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