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First Meeting of the International Business Minor Community

Thursday, Nov. 13, 2008


The first community meeting of the International Minor program was held on Tuesday, November 11, 2008 in the Leavey School of Business. In attendance were 38 students who are either current registered as IB Minors or where there to investigate the program. 
The first part of the meeting was oriented toward discovering was to improve the  raised. community of the IB Minors who find way to get more value from the program is a new concept and one to which students respond positively. 
Some of the main suggestions which came out of the group discussion are:
*      Work toward trying to identify various International Internships ( We will work with the Career office to see what is available)
*      There is an International Fellow Program that helps to place students in the summer. Please contact Pofessor Linda Alepin,
*      Will we have an international Business major?   This question was asked. Unfortunately in the near term this may not happen, but I will take it up with the Dean.
*      Studetns would like to have an International Career Panel. This is something we may be able to do in the future.
*      Students would like to connect with IB Minor Alumni to see if they have been able to take advantage of the program in their careers since leaving SCU. This some thing we can do.
*      The concept of doing more marketing of the IB Minor program was raised. Perhaps we could create a brochure or some type of handout to explain the program.
*      A suggestion was made that we have two kinds of meetings … one for busniess about the program and the other for events or speakers. This may be possible as interest in the program grows.
Several other points were raised:
*      The idea of offering more international courses or teaming up with other departments to offer combined courses is one we may be able to explore.
*      Consider a combination program with the retail studies program
*      Consider doing research with a Professor who is writing on International Business topics. 
After the business portion of the meet, it was our pleasure to invite 12 of the member of the special entrepreneurial program who come from Italy and Australia to have dinner and Pizza with us. A lot of cultural sharing took place and everyone seems to have an enjoyable time. 
We will look forward to another meeting in the winter quarter and working on the some of the ideas presented at this first meeting.

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