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A Note From the Dean

Mind@Work: Summer 2013


parker-resized-rounded_1As innovations in practice and technology change the way the world conducts business, these advances also change the way we learn and teach.

Here in the Leavey School of Business, our faculty members are using new tools and new styles of instruction to help our students master business skills required in a 21st century workplace. Students also “learn to learn” as emerging technologies cycle from business to the classroom, and from the classroom to the workplace.

It is not about the shiniest toy, however. Whether a device helps us engage students at a new level or advances in online learning provide deeper understanding of a topic, our faculty choose to use the innovations to teach. They are committed to helping students build a solid foundation of business knowledge, strengthened by the Jesuit emphasis on integrity and justice as constants in decision-making.

I hope you are intrigued by the varied approaches, tools, and methods used by Leavey School of Business faculty as they develop graduates who will succeed in a volatile global economy, creating prosperity for their communities, their organizations, and their families.

Susan Parker
Professor of Accounting
KPMG Research Fellow
Associate Dean, Assessment
Leavey School of Business

Summer 2013 Contents

Learning How to Learn
Terri Griffith is changing management course delivery and student expectations in an uncoventional hybrid class environment.

Communicating With a Click
John Ifcher engages remotely for greater classroom feedback increasing student participation and dynamically changing the class focus.

The (Almost) Real Deal
Hersh Shefrin creates a virtual Silicon Valley in the classroom to simulate real life business glitches.

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