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Minds@Work: Winter 2011

New look, new name, always new research

Image of Dean StarbirdMinds@Work is the new name of the Business School’s research publication. The new name captures what we do best: innovative and influential research that connects theory and practice. Universities are often accused of being ivory towers where scholars are isolated from students and the community. At Santa Clara, our teaching-scholars are part of a vibrant, collaborative community dedicated to solving real-world problems. In this issue, we feature our newest colleagues and the scholarship that transforms the way we do business.

All the Best,

S. Andrew Starbird, Ph.D.
Interim Dean and
Professor of Operations & Management Information Systems


Current Minds@Work Winter 2011 Issue
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Winter 2011 Contents

The Power of the Story
Jaume Villaneuva's research shows how an entreneur's story can sway investors, yet still not close the deal.

Debt and Taxes
Arunmia Sinha’s economic model shows how investors’ ‘forgetting’ or discounting the tax impacts of federal debt can affect long-term bond yields.

Going Negative
Ravi Shanmugam’s research has found that negative advertising affects voter choices more than previous research would have suggested.

The Scientist and the Entrepreneur
Sanjay Jain’s research looks at how academic scientists react to, and become involved in, the commercialization of their research.

Connected Directors
Ye Cai’s research posits that mergers or acquisitions benefit from connected directors, who are likely to know more about the acquired firm.

Featured Faculty

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