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Mind@Work: Winter 2013

Dean Starbird

Happy 2013! This year we welcome four new tenure-track faculty to the Leavey School of Business. Their scholarly pursuits will complement the high quality research being conducted by veteran thinkers such as Sanjiv Das in Finance, and Gregory Baker in Management, who are the two newest appointees to endowed professorships in the Business School.

Adding to the body of knowledge in business is a strategic priority of Santa Clara University’s business school, and as you’ll see in this issue, our new colleagues have begun breaking ground in the study of manufacturing, finance, and economics.

I hope you’ll be intrigued with the new ideas explored in this issue of Minds@Work.

Best wishes for a wonderful new year.

Drew Starbird
Dean and Professor of Operations & Management Information Systems


Four new instructors joined the ranks of tenure-track faculty in the Business School this year.

Dr. Seoyoung Kim joined the Finance department as an assistant professor. Formerly an assistant professor at the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University, Professor Kim’s expertise is in Empirical Corporate Finance with a focus on Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation. In one of her current projects she looks at how social networks among board members impacts their decisions.

Dr. Gangshu Cai, was previously an associate professor in the College of Business Administration at Kansas State University, and has joined the Operations Management and Information Systems (OMIS) department as an associate professor. Winner of the Outstanding Teaching Award at Kansas State, Gangshu is a highly prolific scholar with expertise in the area of supply chain management and the marketing-operations interface.

Tao Li became an assistant professor in the Operations Management and Information Systems (OMIS) department in the fall. He is currently completing his doctoral dissertation at the School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas. With a number of top-tier publications already under his belt, Tao is an expert in the area of supply chain management with a special emphasis on sourcing strategy.

Gonçalo Pina joined the Economics department as an assistant professor in September. He recently completed his doctoral dissertation in Economics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. Gonçalo’s main areas of study are international finance and macroeconomics, but he has broad ranging interests including behavioral economics, having co-authored a paper on the role of over-confidence in decision-making using evidence from a rule change in professional hockey.



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Winter 2013 Contents

Why Limit the Market?
Gangshu Cai looked at
the exclusive arrangement between Apple and
AT&T for the iPhone and showed how revenue
sharing made it work.

But Is He (or She) Lucky?
Seoyoung Kim has come up with a model for measuring the importance of
luck in an executive's performance.

Optimizing the Learning Curve
Tao Li's research shows how manufacturers and retailers can
benefit as manufacturers learn to make a product more efficiently.

Why Foreign Cash Accumulates
Goncalo Pina's research has provided an explanation for why
central banks in developing nations are sitting on reserves, rather than pumping the
money into their economies.

Noted Faculty Named to Endowed Chairs
Two business school faculty recently were
appointed to distinguished professorships
by University President Michael E.
Engh, S.J., in recognition of scholarly
achievements in their respective fields

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