Santa Clara University

MSIS Board of Advisors: Pete DeLisi

Founder and President
Organizational Synergies

Pete DeLisi is Founder and President of Organizational Synergies, a strategy consulting firm located in Fremont, California. Prior to his current position, Pete spent sixteen years at Digital Equipment Corporation—eight of those years as a consultant to Digital's large, Fortune 500-size customers.

In addition to his extensive consulting background, Pete has spent over twenty years in senior sales and marketing positions with Digital Equipment Corporation and IBM. This "real-world" exposure has provided him a wealth of practical experience to couple with his consulting expertise.

On top of his consulting work, Pete is the Academic Dean of the Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP) at Santa Clara University. This educational program is designed to provide IT executives with the general management and executive-level skills they need to successfully lead their organizations. Pete has a BS degree in Chemistry from the University of Detroit and has completed graduate work in meteorology, philosophy and psychology. Also, for the past eighteen years, Pete has worked closely with one of the foremost authorities in organizational behavior from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

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