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Chairs Research Seminar Series: Arvids Ziedonis : Stanford University

noon to 1:15 PM

Arvids Ziedonis of Stanford University presents research at this Chair's Research Seminar Series.

Title: “Does University Licensing Facilitate or Restrict the Flow of Knowledge Among Scientists?”  

Abstract: As university involvement in technology transfer and entrepreneurship has increased, concerns over the patenting and licensing of scientific discoveries have grown. This paper examines the effect of licensing on the citation of academic publications associated with patents covering university scientific research.

We analyze data on invention disclosures, patents, and licenses from the University of California, a leading US academic patenter and licensor, between 1997 and 2007. We also develop a novel “inventor–based” maximum–likelihood matching technique to automate and generalize Murray’s (2002) patent–paper “pairs” methodology. We use this methodology to identify the scientific publications associated with University of California patents and licenses

We find that, in general, licenses are associated with an increase in journal citations to related

scientific publications. The timing of this effect supports earlier research that suggests that academic licenses may act as positive signals of research potential in the licensed technological area (Drivas et al.2014). In contrast, we find the opposite effect of licensing on citations to related scientific publications when the underlying discovery is a research input (which we identify through the use of material transfer agreements (MTAs)). In these cases, the related scientific publications experience a significant decline in citations following the execution of the license.

Our results suggest that, in general, licensing of academic patents does not limit scientific communication linked to patented academic research. Our findings on the effects of licenses on research inputs,however, raise the possibility that licensing may restrict the flow of inputs to further scientific research among researchers.

Lunch will be provided.


Lucas Hall, Forbes Family Conference Center

Business School Dean's Office
Mary Correia
Tel 408-554-4469