Santa Clara University

Core Business Requirements (3 courses required)

The three courses in the Core Business Requirements cluster provide students with an understanding of the "context" in which information systems operate. These courses allow students to have some of the basic knowledge of business and organization requirements that will assist students to understand both how information systems are designed and how they can successfully be implemented.

ACTG 2301 Financial and Managerial Accounting

This course combines an introduction to financial and managerial accounting to assist students in understanding how these disciplines contribute to the success of the firm. It will focus on the interpretation of reported financial information and how these disciplines contribute to decision-making in the firm. Open to MSIS students only. Prerequisite: None. (3 units)

MGMT 2501 Building and Leading High-Performance Teams and Organizations

Explores the dimensions underlying interpersonal and team performance, and how to work effectively within particular organizational designs. Provides students with the background to be successful managers and the foundations for building successful teams and organizations. Open to MS students only. Prerequisite: None (3 units)

OMIS 2355 Computer-Based Decision Models

Integrative course focuses on using computer-based models to improve managerial decision-making. Treats rigorous formulation of business decision problems, computer-based solution methods, and interpretation of results. Features sensitivity and scenario analysis, mathematical programming and decision analysis. In some cases, simulation may be included. Applies techniques to problems in operations management, finance, accounting, and marketing. Prerequisites: OMIS 2353, and spreadsheet proficiency.(3 units)

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