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MSIS Integration and Application (4 courses required)

To complete the program, students develop perspectives on how information systems are actually designed and used, and how broad social and ethical questions must be considered in thinking about the use of such systems. Students will complete a major application project as part of this cluster. (4 courses)

MSIS 2641 Information Technology: Ethics and Public Policy

Introduces the normative principles for ethical decision-making: which principles are applicable, and weighing conflicting principles. Includes in-depth explorations of contemporary ethical and public policy issues relating to information technology, with class lectures and discussions supplemented by guest speakers from government, industry, and two of the University Centers of Distinction (Markkula Center for Applied Ethics and Center for Science, Technology, and Society). Prerequisite: None. (3 units)

  • iconOption 1

    The Industry Capstone Project

    MSIS 2640 Industry Capstone Project Proposal

    An industry project is one option for satisfying the Capstone requirement. MSIS students work with the Capstone Faculty Director to form a team, choose a topic, and develop a formal project proposal to begin their Capstone project. The MSIS faculty director reviews and approves all projects. Once approved and a faculty advisor assigned, the team can register for MSIS 2642 (Capstone Project 1). (1 unit)

    MSIS 2642 Industry Capstone Project I (2 units)

    MSIS 2643 Industry Capstone Project II (3 units)

  • iconOption 2

    MSIS 2644

    Students individually or as a team of two propose a research project to one of the MSIS faculty. This option requires approval by the supervising faculty member and the director of the MSIS program. The objective is to study an information system topic in detail and advance the state of the knowledge in that field theoretically, or to apply the state-of-the art information system technology to solve a problem. The outcome of this option is development of a final report and the successful submission of a research manuscript to a referred journal for publication. This option may span two or more quarters. (6 units

  • iconOption 3

    The Capstone Design Project Proposal

    MSIS 2645 Capstone Project (1 unit)

    MSIS 2646 Capstone Design Project I (2 units)

    MSIS 2647 Capstone Design Project II (3 units)
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