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MGMT 524 Managing Innovation and Technology
Innovation is both a process and an outcome. Technology innovation is jointly influenced by the type of innovation, the context within which it is developed, and the context within which it will be applied. This course will address all three of these issues.

Innovations vary along a variety of dimensions, including: product versus process, radical versus incremental, sustaining versus disruptive. There are also costs and benefits to the portfolio of innovations an organization develops. Additionally, innovations vary by their types of features, and how these features are perceived by designers, implementers, and users. These "sociotechnical" aspects of innovation provide a solid foundation for the management of innovation and technology.

Innovations are developed within a particular context. Our focus will be on the organizational context. Issues affecting creativity, motivation of technical specialists, and the virtual nature of the innovation process will all be of interest. Within this section of the course we will examine decisions regarding outsourcing, offshoring, more and less virtual work, dual-career ladders, and options.

The introduction of an innovation is often an instance of organizational change. Unfortunately, an examination of a broad range of organizational changes indicates that most of these changes do not result in the expected outcomes. Innovations may not be used, they may be used in ways not intended by the designers, or they may engender a dramatic response in the social setting (think about genetically modified foods). We will attempt to understand and plan for effective change.

The course is presented as a combination of lecture, discussion, and simulation. Generally, a team project is required. The focus of the project is on using the course concepts within a extant organization.

Prerequisites: MGMT 501 and 503. (3 units)

MGMT 524 is one of several electives that may be selected (up to five) to complete the Specialization Cluster.

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