Santa Clara University

Day Two: Tuesday, March 27

Photo of group with Liz Mitchell

Liz Mitchell (center) with visiting SCU MBAs


Liz Mitchell Designs Ltd.

CEO, Liz Mitchell

Liz Mitchell is one of New Zealand’s leading designers. Her designs are “expressions of modernity” mixed with tradition. She believes clothing should be timeless. Her hallmark is mixing luxurious materials such as silks, velvets and delicate laces with New Zealand-sourced raw materials like wool, leather, feathers and possum fur. Ms. Mitchell has dressed numerous high profile New Zealanders, including the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Helen Clark. Her designs have also been spotted on the red carpet at events like the 2004 Academy Awards, worn by Keisha Castle-Hughes (Best Actress Nominee) and Oscar winner Richard Taylor, both New Zealand natives.

Photo of Liz Mitchell, New Zealand designerStudent Thoughts:
“Our visit with Liz Mitchell was enlightening and inspiring. Her passion for fabrics and design has made her a household name in fashion. Furthermore, her drive to expand her business has transformed the Liz Mitchell brand into a portfolio of brands. Consumers of high-end fashion are buying the experience around “luxury goods” – The experience surrounding luxury goods is about more than just a premium price tag. Consumers of luxury goods are looking for status as well as quality. To create this, the Liz Mitchell couture brand must market itself as a symbol of success, by showcasing the high quality of the fabrics, and the uniqueness of the designs.”

Marker Studio

CEO, Jon Beattie

MARKER blends the experience of leading design studio, Flux, with one of Asia Pacific's fastest growing companies, The Outfit, to achieve measurable customer interactions.With a strategy focused on combined user centric design and technological excellence, in addition to proven corporate marketing thinking and implementation, MARKER promises to deliver a new level of interactive and measurable marketing programs for growth hungry organizations. MARKER is a demand creation agency with a difference. Our wide range of design, technology and marketing services are based on our client-oriented methodology.

Student Thoughts:
"Beattie elaborated upon how Marker labels itself as a demand creation agency, whereby the Marker team uses their skills and resources to create demand for their clients’ products and services. He discussed how one in ten viral marketing campaigns are successful, providing examples of a high-tech company in Europe trying to create humorous commercials in order to gain brand attention, but the commercials are completely unrelated to the product or service offered by the given company. An example provided regarding successful viral marketing was the Volkswagen GTI commercials where Peter Stormare was hired to “unpimp the auto” in three commercials, with limited airtime. These commercials became an instant hit online, and Volkswagen created multiple landing pages for this campaign where internet users could replay these comedic advertisements. Internet users spread the word via email, chat, and discussion boards, and Volkswagen created a great hype for their new model GTI.”

Photo of group at Orion Healthcare, New Zealand

SCU group at Orion Healthcare

Orion Healthcare

CEO, Ian McCrae

Ian McCrae founded Orion Health in 1993 with a five-person staff in Auckland, New Zealand. Under his stewardship, the company has seen unprecedented growth and success. Orion Health is focused exclusively on the healthcare IT market and, has experienced over 40 per cent year-on-year growth over the past five years following the initiation of exporting practices in 1995. Orion Health is aiming to become a $1 billion company by 2010 and to be seen as a global leader in healthcare and technology. With its innovative approach and can-do attitude, the company is now poised to take a leadership role in the North American and European markets. Key ingredients to Orion’s continued success will include internal process improvements, unremitting protection of intellectual property, fluid innovation and solidifying an exceptional reputation.

Student Thoughts:
“Orion’s success as New Zealand’s premier software manufacturer can be largely attributed to an ideal, national test market. New Zealand’s innovative, public health system granted Orion the opportunity to test their software’s efficiency and efficacy in a reduced setting. This successful effort permitted Orion the confidence and reputation to launch additional offerings at an elevated international scale.”