Santa Clara University

Day Three: Wednesday, March 28

iVistra Technology Ltd.

CEO, Craig Meek

iVistra’s strategy is to provide Enterprise Visibility Systems, which incorporate tracking information on products, inventory, or passengers with Enterprise Software such as Oracle or SAP. iVistra’s software combines the financial, operational and inventory data into real-time graphically displayed information. iVistra charges an initial setup cost for the system, then charges an annual licensing fee based on quantity of objects being tracked. iVistra is moving into international opportunities such as freight and rail in the Middle East as well as Europe. iVistra’s partners include Hewlett Packard, Vodafone and AdvanceMobile.

Student thoughts:
“iVistra technology can present a broader range of information to a broader audience. If you don’t understand the logistics of freight then you can still gain a great deal of insight by seeing the layout and process of routes visually. Thus the Process visualization system has great promise to a wide market. I believe that a great step would be to utilize this type of system in education such as universities. The concept is to present information at a visual level and then drill down to supporting information after a few layers of visual background. This may be a premise to spin off another-startup to address the educational aspect of the process visualization system. Overall iVistra is a very promising start-up which provides a useful product and service. It is a company that I would be willing to invest both time and resources into.”

ICEHOUSE – International Center for Entrepreneurship

Director, Dave Wrathall

Established : 2001 as a non-profit organization to foster SMEs that support the NZ economy.
Partnership : The University of Auckland Business School, The Boston Consulting Group, Telecom New Zealand, Bank of New Zealand, Chapman Tripp, Ernst & Young, HP and Microsoft
Mission : to support, create and grow internationally successful New Zealand businesses.
Services : Growth interventions for businesses in SME sector: Incubation & Education. Accelerate business growth and wealth creation.


Three principal areas of activity:   

Startup Growth Research
Acceleration, incubation and mentoring for startups  Education courses that focus on adding capability to established business ventures Research on how to grow New Zealand businesses more successfully

18-24 months Acceleration programme.

Ensure NZ business reach their full potential

  • Planning for success
  • Assessing the viability of your target market
  • Attracting investor funding
  • Building a strong team
  • Establishing partnerships and networks
  • Managing the details

Programmes vary in time and length from several hours to 10 or 15 days spread over 5 months.

Help (through programmes) managers address threshhold issues that once overcome will generate business and wealth creation.

In collaboration with University of Auckland manages a programme of international standard research that focuses on issues affecting the growth of ventures and the SME sector in New Zealand


Student Thoughts:
“The ICEHOUSE is an important and unique resource for Kiwi entrepreneurs. It was difficult to not notice Dave’s energy and focus. It was clear that he really believed in the mission of the ICEHOUSE and that for him the ICEHOUSE is more than a job.”