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What students say about the experience



"New Zealand granted us the opportunity to bond with SCU colleagues at an elevated-personal level. Said journey is a consummate illustration of the MBA program's value added."

—Liz Gelfand
MBA Candidate 2008


Photo of MBA students in New Zealand"The New Zealand Study Abroad trip was so much more than I had expected. New Zealand doesn't seem like an ideal place of an MBA study abroad compared with India and China. But New Zealand is in an interesting position since the country is so small and isolated. This is the perfect environment to learn about helping a new company survive in difficult conditions. I learned a great deal on this trip; from the importance of leveraging your network to the unique resources that can be used to get a new business off the ground floor. The trip also fostered bonding between classmates and created new friendships to last a lifetime. An MBA education isn't complete without a study abroad trip!"
—Allison Tan
MBA Candidate 2008



Photo of John Messavussu, MBA student on New Zealand study abroad program"Being part of the New Zealand Study abroad trip was an exhilarating experience for me. New Zealand offers a unique perspective on entrepreneurship. How do you even dream of launching a business for a global market from such a small and isolated country? Forget the promises of economies of scale, vast amount of resources and close proximity to places like Silicon Valley.

The lessons learned from all our visits to the different businesses from a fashion designer to biotech companies, are very important and inspiring for every aspiring entrepreneur. Moreover, Professor Mary Furlong did a great job in organizing and leading the trip. Her insights and enthusiasm for New Zealand and Kiwis, were very valuable for the success of this trip. I strongly believe that she was also instrumental on how well the students bonded together.

It is hard to summarize an experience like this one in few words. But, let me just say this: I would do it all over again. It was a great way to end my MBA program."

—John Messavussu
MBA Candidate 2007




Photo of Kristina McMillian, MBA student on New Zealand study abroad tripThe New Zealand Study Abroad program offered us an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the experience, uninterrupted by our normal routines of school and work. For one week we lived and breathed the culture and challenges in each of the companies we visited. What we discovered was a country that, while small in size, possessed the tenacity, drive, and education to compete successfully on a global scale. The Kiwis inspired us with their willingness to work hard, their positive, adventurous spirit, and their uncanny ability to achieve great success in business with very few resources. Many of the students on the trip were able to forge business partnerships with kiwi entrepreneurs that are continuing to gain speed.

Even with the incredible learning opportunity the study abroad program presented, the most valuable aspect of the experience was the relationships we developed. One of my greatest concerns about joining a part-time MBA program was that I wouldn’t have the same opportunities to bond with my classmates as I would in a full-time program due to the pressures of balancing work and family, in addition to school. Whether it was the influence of the kiwi spirit, the excitement and intensity of the experience, or being so far from home and our normal routines; in one week we developed meaningful bonds with each other, and some of our kiwi hosts, that have blossomed into friendships.

The study abroad program was, by far, one of the most rewarding experiences and fondest memories of business school. 

—Kristina McMillian
MBA Candidate 2008