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Get To Know Your LSB Staff: Tiffiny Gillingham

Monday, Oct. 21, 2013

Tiffiny Gillingham is the assistant director of MSIS admissions. She was awarded the Staff Collaboration Award this past spring as a staff member who works to build cooperative relationships and foster teamwork throughout the Business School and University. Get to know her a little better through the conversation we had with her!

Where are you from?
I am a local girl. I grew up in Los Gatos.
Where did you go to school?
I graduated from Los Gatos High School.  I then attended UC Berkeley on a tennis scholarship.  After I graduated, I competed on the professional tennis circuit for a short time.
Tell us about your family?
Well, I married a Stanford guy. Yes, I have a "mixed" marriage.  We have been married for 21 years and have 3 wonderful children. We have proven that the Stanford/Cal relationship can work!
When did you join the Business School?
I joined the business school two years ago -- October 31, 2011 was my first day working in the MSIS Program.
What do you like to do on your free time?
With 3 kids, I am not quite sure what "free" time is. But when I do have some free time, I enjoy scrapbooking.
What is your favorite place to eat?
I love Mexican food!  My favorite Mexican place is Jalisco's, located in Campbell.
What is your favorite movie?
I love the Twilight series!!
Where is your ideal vacation?
Going to Hawaii!  The Islands are my perfect relaxation place! My "Happy" Place!
What are three things people don't know about you?
1. I competed/traveled on the professional tennis circuit after I graduated from UC Berkeley.
2. My mother and I competed on the Mother/Daughter National Tennis Circuit and were ranked #1 in the Nation for Mother/Daughter teams.
3. I currently manage my oldest son's Academy team (DeAnza Force Academy), my youngest son's club team (Santa Clara Sporting 01B Black) and chaperone my daughter's club volleyball team. (Hence, no "free" time).  But love every minute of it!
Last, proud mom bragging, my oldest son has committed to play soccer at Stanford University starting Fall 2015.

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