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  •  The Frisco Touch

    Friday, Nov. 1, 2013 8:30 AM

    Maria Espinosa never planned on being an entrepreneur, but when the busy business analyst had no time to shop for her mother’s birthday, the idea for The Frisco Touch was born. “Since I was so busy, I wished that there was a company that would buy her gift on my behalf.” With no such company available for Maria, she took the project on for herself.

    The Frisco Touch is an online personalized gift shopping service. Customers first fill out information about who is receiving their gift and for which occasion. They will then receive a gift recommendation and the option to purchase the gift. 

    Maria started The Frisco Touch in fall 2006, but without the resources or time to grow her business – she was working full-time – she struggled with getting it off the ground. She discovered CAPE while browsing through the Leavey School of Business’ graduate degree programs and with the hope that the program would give her the necessary skills to grow her business, she applied. 
    Halfway through the program, Maria has already found CAPE very beneficial. “It has introduced me to mentors and teachers who answer important business related questions and give me necessary feedback,” she said. “I have met many like-minded business owners that I can consult with and can even call friends. I hope, moving forward, that CAPE can guide me towards building a sustainable, ethical business that gives back to our community.” A partnership between The Frisco Touch and Glide Memorial Church, which provides many services to the Bay Area homeless population, has been developed. Per The Frisco Touch’s donation plan, 10% of their service charge will be donated to this organization. “I feel very blessed to have this opportunity to be exposed to all the knowledge an entrepreneur needs.” 
    Maria is currently a Business Analyst at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce with a major in Finance from Santa Clara University in 2003.
  •  Get To Know Your LSB Staff: Beverly Olivo

    Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013 8:30 AM
    Beverly Olivo is the Senior Administrative Assistant for Undergraduate Business Programs. She was awarded the Staff Award for Student Experience this past spring which recognizes the staff member who goes above and beyond to enhance Business School student learning, inside and outside the classroom. 
    Get to know Beverly a bit better!
    I grew up in Sunnyvale, CA. My family goes back many generations from the San Francisco Peninsula. I came to Santa Clara University and the Leavey School of Business in July, 2005. I supported the Marketing Department until 2008 when I joined Undergraduate Business Programs. Grateful for the educational benefits here at SCU, I am pursuing a B.A. in Religious Studies and truly enjoying the journey. Homework does not leave much time for books or movies, but I do enjoy an occasional spa day or a trip to my favorite winery in the Hollister hills. 
    This year my husband and I are trying new restaurants in Santana Row and downtown San Jose. We enjoy the rare occasion when both our son and daughter can join us. We have a close knit extended family, all of whom live locally. I love sightseeing, taking lots of photos and scrapbooking. Hawaii remains my favorite vacation destination but my bucket list includes Europe and the east coast. 
    My greatest simple pleasure is finding nature in the everyday…a walk across this beautiful campus or in my own backyard.  When I have more free time, I’d like to read for pleasure and get back into swimming. I plan to volunteer at the hospital where I worked for 20 years and would love to socialize with cats and rabbits at the Humane Society. 
    This quote has been particularly inspiring to me…“With swift pace, light step, unswerving feet may you go forward, securely, joyfully, and swiftly on the path of happiness.” – St. Clare of Assisi


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