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  •  Harshinder Bagga - Advisory Board Merit Scholar

    Monday, Oct. 28, 2013 9:24 AM

    Harshinder Bagga, recipient of the Dave Reeves/Chevron Advisory Board Merit Scholarship, recently joined the Leavey School of Business to earn his MBA. He is currently working as a Senior Principal Hardware Engineer at Oracle while earning his degree and is expecting to graduate in 2016.

    We talked to him about his experiences with the Leavey School of Business so far:
    Why did you decide to go back to school?
    Silicon Valley is one of the toughest work environments. Changes are driven by innovation, strong competition and demanding market. Staying ahead of the curve merely secures a dismal survival. To compete in this environment it takes relentless pursuit of goals with infinite energy to compete. My personal tools for success have been constant learning and the refinement of skills and vision so I can offer an "outside the box" thinking that is prized highly in the Silicon Valley. The hunger to compete and evolve in this environment has shaped my decision to go back to school.
    Why did you choose SCU?
    Life is as much about what you know as who you know. As a firm believer in this philosophy, I believe that SCU provides this very foundation for learning through a network of culturally diverse intellectuals. One of the program's unique strengths and most appealing aspects to me is its focus on networking and collaboration. It is this collaboration that allows the world to tackle old problems in a new way through fresh and diverse perspectives. In bringing business leaders together, fostering networking across multiple organizations, the SCU MBA program is one of a kind.
    What do you hope the Leavey School of Business will do for you?
    Over the years, I have learned that technology does not stand alone, rather it has synergistic relationship with other business functions. The Leavey School of Business MBA, when combined with my entrepreneurial mindset, learning in a multi-cultural tech environment, and my rich technical experience will position me ideally for both my short-term and long-term goals. Overall, the Leavey School of Business MBA espouses the leadership education I am looking for, and I expect it to be the best direction and lifelong asset to my career.
    What do you think of your experiences here so far?
    The program has not only met but exceeded my expectations. I feel privileged to learn amongst the best faculty in the world, the brightest student population, and become part of a world-class alumni network.  The knowledge and network gained from the program allows me to generously share my experience both at my firm and beyond.  I feel I have the technical experience and skills required to succeed and the program is strengthening my strategic aptitude and transition to general management with the knowledge in diverse business disciplines like finance, management, strategy and marketing.
  •  Funeral Mass for Professor Corio

    Monday, Oct. 21, 2013 12:30 PM

    A funeral Mass for Steve Corio, professor of practice in marketing, will be celebrated Tuesday, October 29, at 4 p.m. in the Mission Church on the Santa Clara University campus.

    Corio, who passed away unexpectedly on October 5, joined the Leavey School of Business faculty in 1998 and taught MBA and undergraduate courses in sales management, competitive marketing strategies, and marketing analysis and decision-making. A double Bronco, Steve earned his bachelor of arts degree in economics and his MBA from Santa Clara University.

    He was dedicated to his students throughout his time at Santa Clara, as a popular professor and a sought-after student adviser.

    “Steve filled classrooms and changed lives with his enthusiasm and love of sales management,” said marketing department co-chair, Shelby McIntyre. “He was esteemed by everybody who knew him.”

    Prior to joining the Santa Clara University faculty, Steve had a successful 30-year career, much of it at IBM, in management in accounting, finance, marketing, and sales. He founded Corio Consulting, a provider of consulting services for business development, resource planning and sales management. He also founded the Advanced Sales Skills Institute to provide individual and enterprise-wide sales training.  He was formerly VP of Sales for SecureALL and a member of the Texas Real Estate Brokers’ Association. 
    Steve will be missed as a teacher, friend, and colleague, and has lent his expertise and spirit to the business school and marketing department for many years.  
    Notes of condolence may be sent to Steve’s family, care of the Business School:
    The Corio Family
    c/o Leavey School of Business
    Santa Clara University
    500 El Camino Real
    Santa  Clara, Ca 95053


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