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  •  New Council of Graduate Students in Business

    Friday, Sep. 26, 2014 8:30 AM

    The Leavey School of Business has created a new Council of Graduate Students in Business (CGSB). Made up of student representatives from all graduate programs, these representatives will work with faculty and staff in order to provide graduate students with an outstanding experience. 

    Meeting monthly, the council will address areas such as communication, community-building, career support, teaching, and technology. Current students are encouraged to contact the council ( or any representative with questions, concerns, ideas, or kudos. 

    Meet the council: 

    Yun Bian – Evening MBA
    Jeanette Chickles – Executive MBA
    Kayla Dube – Accelerated MBA
    Manashi Ghosh – Evening MBA
    Geoff Holland – Emerging Professionals
    Jimmy Lin – Evening MBA
    Toshi Masubuchi – MSF
    Harrison Ng – MSIS
    Tina Stuart – Evening MBA


  •  Leavey Scholars Program - 2014 Graduating Seniors

    Monday, Jun. 2, 2014 8:30 AM

    Congratulations to the graduating seniors of the Leavey Scholars Program

    Veronica Alberto

    Ariana Kempis

    Anastasia Alessandra Deanna Kneis  
    Arnaldo Atienza Jennifer Krapf  
    Tyler Bagley Ivan Krayniy  
    Trevor Belanger Kiely Kreitzberg  
    Julia Biagini Janet Li  
    Nellie Bohac Kevin Lights  
    Alicia Calcutt Nicole Lindars  
    Amy Carlton Sarah McClammy  
    Kendall Crist Derek Nishikawa  
    Jamie Estopinal Henry Olson  
    Sebsatian Feye Marian Pan  
    Scott Fronsdahl Grace Sakurada  
    Thomas Grace Francis Simon  
    Cory Hiromoto Alison Smith  
    Lara Ichikawa Nicholas Strum  
    Luc Iyer Carolyn Sucha  
    Garrett Jensen Cassandra Wingert  

    This program offers special opportunities for business students who have established a record of excellence in their Santa Clara studies. We are proud of all of their hard work and dedication to both Santa Clara and their education.

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