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  •  Staff Appreciation Awards

    Friday, May. 1, 2015 3:01 PM

    Four Leavey School of Business staff were honored during the Staff Appreciation Luncheon on May 1 with annual awards lauding their service to business school students, their colleagues, and the organization.

    Student Experience Award
    The Student Experience Award is presented to the person whose efforts have enhanced the learning experience for our students at any level, undergraduate, graduate, or executive, and went toTrish Kalbas-Schmidt of the Graduate Career Management office.

    In her nominations, Trish was described as a hard worker who emulates the “Santa Clara Way.”  She is a great example to students as they prepare to join the working world and pursue their dreams.Trish excels at 1:1 career advising with students –  giving both advice, and a helping hand, to students transitioning from school to the  working world.  She is collaborative, friendly, and earnest in addition to being highly  effective at helping our students start their careers.

    Innovation Award
    The Innovation Award is presented to the individual who has  initiated and developed successful innovations in the way we pursue the educational  mission of the University and of the Leavey School of Business, and the prize was given to two staff members this year, Erika French-Arnold (Food & Agribusiness) and Marianne Farag (Economics).

    Erika French-Arnold has organized and created a variety of programs designed to  engage students, faculty, the business community and our alumni.  The innovative ways  in which she has marketed and planned these events has offered new opportunities for  these groups to learn about food industry issues and exchange knowledge and ideas.   She has raised the profile of the FAI and has leveraged resources so that the FAI can  more effectively pursue its mission.   

    Marianne Farag has worked hard to develop innovative ways to help the majors in the  economics department.  She designed a survey for graduating seniors that is now being  used annually to improve service and create a more rewarding learning experience for  the students. She has also developed new ways to engage the department’s alumni in  an effort to improve career opportunities for our students, and build connections with the  broader business community.   

    Collaboration Award
    The Collaboration Award is presented to the staff member who  exemplifies the spirit of working together in cooperative pursuit of the mission of the  University and of the Leavey School of Business, and was presented to Rachaella Giannotta (Dean's Office).

    Rachaella Giannotta's  teamwork skills, smile, and “Keep Calm and Carry On” attitude are quickly  becoming legendary in the Leavey School of Business. She cheerfully works with  Business School faculty, staff, students and alumni with equal effectiveness and  efficiency. The enormous range of her duties requires her to collaborate with a diverse  set of stakeholders in an environment where priorities change daily and where conflicts  are almost guaranteed.  If you want to make sure it happens, on time, under budget,  with kindness and good cheer – call Rachaella. 


  •  Annual Awards for Faculty & Staff

    Tuesday, May. 27, 2014 10:13 AM

    Congratulations to business school faculty and staff who were recently recognized for their contributions to our business school community. 

    Faculty Awards
    Our business school faculty were recognized for their scholarship, teaching and service at the May 12 reception. The Leavey Impact Awards celebrate contributions made by faculty that best illustrate the community’s highest ideals and aspirations, and reflect a shared commitment to the School’s strategic priorities: 

    • creating a transformational learning experience
    • highlighting the quality, prominence, and influence of our scholarship
    • building strong partnerships with the community and our alumni

    Alexander Field, economics department chair and Michel and Mary Orradre professor of economics, received the 2014 Leavey Impact Award for Research. Dr. Field is noted for his outstanding book A Great Leap Forward: 1930s Depression and U.S. Economic Growth (Yale University Press, 2011). His research has reframed how scholars, researchers, historians, and the general public view the impact of the depression on innovative growth and change. 

    Andy Tsay, chair and professor of the OMIS department, received the 2014 Leavey Impact Award for Service. Dr. Tsay’s work with the Cisco-OMIS Fellows program has brought students together with Silicon Valley companies. It is a great example of innovative initiatives that create successful partnerships between the Leavey School of Business and Silicon Valley. 

    In addition to the Leavey Impact Awards, faculty were recognized for achievement in several categories: 

    Noted for their scholarly achievements in the past year were: Gangshu Cai (OMIS), Sanjiv Das (FNCE), Sanjay Jain (MGMT), Hoje Jo (FNCE), Yongtae Kim (ACTG), Siqi Li (ACTG), Carrie Pan (FNCE), Barry Posner (MGMT), Dongsoo Shin (ECON), Meir Statman (FNCE), and Andy Tsay (OMIS).

    Several faculty were commended for their teaching as measured by student evaluations over the course of the year. Receiving the award for outstanding teaching were: Narendra Agrawal (OMIS), Gregory Baker (MGMT), Gangshu Cai (OMIS), David Caldwell (MGMT), Michael Calegari (ACTG), Wendy Donohoe (ACTG), Paul Intrevado (OMIS), Kirthi Kalyanam (MKTG), Peter Knight (MGMT), Mike Levenhagen (MGMT), Haidan Li (ACTG), Haibing Lu (OMIS), Nydia MacGregor (MGMT), Tammy Madsen (MGMT), Bill Mains (BUSN), Chris Paisley (ACTG), Jackie Posner (BUSN), Kumar Sarangee (MKTG), John Toppel (MGMT), Andy Tsay (OMIS), and Jennifer Woolley (MGMT).

    Contributions to their departments, School, University, and profession were made by Dale Achabal (MKTG), Narendra Agrawal (OMIS), Linda Alepin (BUSN), Adina Ardelean (ECON), Gregory Baker (MGMT), Mario Belotti (ECON), Albert Bruno (MKTG), David Caldwell (MGMT), Michael Calegari (ACTG), George Chacko (FNCE), Sanjiv Das (FNCE), André Delbecq (MGMT), Michael Eames (ACTG), Alexander Field (ECON), Mary Furlong (BUSN), Manoochehr Ghiassi (OMIS), Terri Griffith (MGMT), John Ifcher (ECON), Hoje Jo (FNCE), Kirthi Kalyanam (MKTG), Michael Kevane (ECON), James Koch (MGMT), Mike Levenhagen (MGMT), Haibing Lu (OMIS), Suzanne Luttman (ACTG), Shelby McInityre (MKTG), Susan Parker (ACTG), Hersh Shefrin (FNCE), Dongsoo Shin (ECON), Meir Statman (FNCE), John Toppel (MGMT), Andy Tsay (OMIS), Manuel Velasquez (MGMT), and Steven Wade (FNCE).


    Staff Awards
    Business school staff members were recognized at the annual Staff Appreciation lunch on May 2. Five staff members were recognized for outstanding contributions to the business school community.

    Collaboration – 
    David Dawson, Business School Web Coordinator
    This award recognizes the staff member who works to build cooperative relationships and foster teamwork throughout the business school and the University.

    Innovation – 
    Bill Mains, Director of Sustainability and Leadership Development
    This award acknowledges the staff person who incorporates new perspectives and new approaches to the workplace. 

    Student Experience – 
    Melissa Sims, Accounting Department Sr. Administrative Assistant
    Nicole Maxwell, Marketing Department Sr. Administrative Assistant

    This award salutes the staff members who go ‘above and beyond’ to enhance business school student learning, inside and outside the classroom.

    Dean’s Special Recognition Award – 
    Hayley Redburn, Retail Management Institute Sr. Administrative Assistant
    This award recognizes unwavering dedication to the business school.

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