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  •  Get To Know Your LSB Staff: Beverly Olivo

    Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013 8:30 AM
    Beverly Olivo is the Senior Administrative Assistant for Undergraduate Business Programs. She was awarded the Staff Award for Student Experience this past spring which recognizes the staff member who goes above and beyond to enhance Business School student learning, inside and outside the classroom. 
    Get to know Beverly a bit better!
    I grew up in Sunnyvale, CA. My family goes back many generations from the San Francisco Peninsula. I came to Santa Clara University and the Leavey School of Business in July, 2005. I supported the Marketing Department until 2008 when I joined Undergraduate Business Programs. Grateful for the educational benefits here at SCU, I am pursuing a B.A. in Religious Studies and truly enjoying the journey. Homework does not leave much time for books or movies, but I do enjoy an occasional spa day or a trip to my favorite winery in the Hollister hills. 
    This year my husband and I are trying new restaurants in Santana Row and downtown San Jose. We enjoy the rare occasion when both our son and daughter can join us. We have a close knit extended family, all of whom live locally. I love sightseeing, taking lots of photos and scrapbooking. Hawaii remains my favorite vacation destination but my bucket list includes Europe and the east coast. 
    My greatest simple pleasure is finding nature in the everyday…a walk across this beautiful campus or in my own backyard.  When I have more free time, I’d like to read for pleasure and get back into swimming. I plan to volunteer at the hospital where I worked for 20 years and would love to socialize with cats and rabbits at the Humane Society. 
    This quote has been particularly inspiring to me…“With swift pace, light step, unswerving feet may you go forward, securely, joyfully, and swiftly on the path of happiness.” – St. Clare of Assisi


  •  Annual Awards for Faculty, Staff

    Thursday, May. 23, 2013 2:19 PM

    Congratulations to Business School faculty who were recently recognized for their scholarship, teaching, and service at a reception on May 13, and staff who received awards earlier in the month.

    The Leavey Impact Awards celebrate contributions made by faculty that best illustrate the community's highest ideals and aspirations, and reflect a shared commitment to the School's strategic priorities:

    • creating a transformational learning experience
    • highlighting the quality, prominence, and influence of our scholarship
    • building strong partnerships with the community and our alumni

    Manoochehr Ghiassi, professor of management information systems, received the 2013 Leavey Impact Award for Service. Dr. Ghiassi was noted for his work in building partnerships with the community and alumni for the MS in Information Systems program. His outreach to Silicon Valley has brought experienced industry leaders onto the faculty to mentor graduate students and alumni.

    Jackie Schmidt Posner, professor of practice, received the 2013 Leavey Impact Award for Teaching. Dr. Schmidt Posner's work with the Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative (NPI) created a model for Santa Clara University's place-based learning efforts, and she has led several cohorts of students to discover their passion for building relationships and businesses in the local community.

    In addition to the Leavey Impact Awards, faculty and staff were recognized for achievement in several catagories.

    Several faculty were commended for their teaching as measured by student evaluations over the course of the year. Receiving the award for outstanding teaching were: Michael Calegari (ACTG), Lewis Chew (ACTG), Robert Finocchio (BUSN), Manoochehr Ghaissi (OMIS), Michelle Goins (BUSN), John Ifcher (ECON), Paul Intrevado (OMIS), Donna Johnston-Blair (ACTG), Yongtae Kim (ACTG), Mike Levenhagan (MGMT), Haidan Li (ACTG), Siqi Li (ACTG), Nydia MacGregor (MGMT), Tammy Madsen (MGMT), Dennis Moberg (MGMT), Christopher Paisley (ACTG), Barry Posner (MGMT), Kumar Sarangee (MKTG), John Toppel (BUSN), and Andy Tsay (OMIS).

    Noted for their scholarly achievements in the past year were:  Ram Bala (OMIS), Sanjiv Das (FNCE), Alexander Field (ECON), Hoje Jo (FNCE), Yongtae Kim (ACTG), Haibing Lu (OMIS), Edward McQuarrie (MKTG), Kris Mitchener (ECON), Carrie Pan (FNCE), Susan Parker (ACTG), Savannah Shi (MKTG), Dongsoo Shin (ECON), Meir Statman (FNCE), and Jennifer Woolley (MGMT).

    Contributions to their departments, School, University, and profession were made by Dale Achabal (MKTG), Daniel Aguiar (CIE), Linda Alepin (BUSN), Adina Ardelean (ECON), Greg Baker (MGMT), Mario Belotti (ECON), Albert Bruno (MKTG), David Caldwell (MGMT), Michael Calegari (ACTG), George Chacko (FNCE), Sanjiv Das (FNCE), Andre Delbecq (MGMT), Michael Eames (ACTG), Alexander Field (ECON), Mary Furlong (BUSN), Manoochehr Ghaissi (OMIS), Terri Griffith (MGMT), John Ifcher (ECON), Hoje Jo (FNCE), Kirthi Kalyanam (MKTG), Linda Kamas (ECON), Michael Kevane (ECON), Yongtae Kim (ACTG), James Koch (MGMT), Tammy Madsen (MGMT), Shelby McIntyre (MKTG), Susan Parker (ACTG), Helen Popper (ECON), Hersh Shefrin (FNCE), Stephen Smith (OMIS), Meir Statman (FNCE), William Sundstrom (ECON), John Toppel (BUSN), Andy Tsay (OMIS), and Steven Wade (ACTG).

    Staff Awards
    Three staff members were recognized at the annual Staff Appreciation Lunch on May 3:

    Collaboration  Recognizes the staff member who works to build cooperative relationships and foster teamwork throughout the Business School and University : Tiffiny Gillingham, Assistant Director of MSIS Admissions

    Innovation  Acknowledges the staff person who incorpates new perspectives and new approaches to the workplace: Bill Middleton, LSB Information Systems Manager

    Student Experience  Salutes the staff person who goes 'above and beyond' to enhance Business School student learning, inside and outside the classroom: Bev Olivo, Undergraduate Business Programs Administrative Assistant


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