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Business Newsmakers

Faculty, alumni, students, and friends of the Leavey School of Business in the news.

  •  Mark Weiner : Hey, Entrepreneurs. Get a job : VentureBeat

    Sunday, Apr. 12, 2015
    Mark Weiner, LSB advisory board member, wrote a piece on entrepreneurship that appeared in VentureBeat.
  •  Michael Kevane : Friends of African Village Libraries : Huffington Post

    Tuesday, Apr. 7, 2015
    Work done by professor Michael Kevane was noted in the Huffington Post.
  •  Tammy Fox : Access to Tech in Silicon Valley : Find MBA

    Tuesday, Apr. 7, 2015
    LSB’s Tammy Fox recently spoke to about the access students have to tech companies in Silicon Valley.
  •  Robert Eberhart : $70M for Google’s New CFO : Financial Times

    Tuesday, Apr. 7, 2015
    Professor Robert Eberhart was quoted in an article on the high salary Google is paying its new CFO.
  •  Meir Statman : Saver or Spender? : AARP Money Talk

    Tuesday, Apr. 7, 2015
    Professor Meir Statman was quoted in a story about savings versus spending.
  •  Kenneth Geibel : Appointed Director of Homeownership

    Thursday, Apr. 2, 2015
    LSB alumnus Kenneth Geibel was recently appointed the director of homeownership at the California Housing Finance Agency by Governor Brown.
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