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 Tasha Mistry: USA TODAY: Five Tips to Land a Job (From a Graduating Senior Who Just Found One)

Tuesday, May. 10, 2011

Senior OMIS major Tasha Mistry recently posted an article about her job search success on the USA TODAY College website.  The article "Five Tips to Land a Job (From a Graduating Senior Who Just Found One)"  offers advice to students who are seeking out their first job.  Mistry urges students to set goals for themselves, sculpt their resumes, be proactive, polish their interview skills, and send personalized thank you letters.  These tips can help gradutating seniors find jobs during the best job- hunting season since the Class of 2008. 

Universities throughout the Bay Area have seen an increase in the number of recruiters looking to fill entry- level jobs and internships.  Santa Clara University saw an increase in career fair attendance, with the spring career fair drawing in 75 employers, up from last year’s 50.  Mistry reaped the benefits of this job surge, receiving three job offers from prestigious companies: Kaiser Permanente, Cisco Systems, and Adobe. 

Mistry’s Kaiser Permanente offer came after she completed an internship with the company that she had received as a result of an on- campus resume review.  She first met a Cisco representative at the SCU winter career fair and kept in contact until a position opened up; she interviewed on campus, and eventually received an offer from the company.  Mistry applied to Adobe via BroncoLink and was offered the position on the same day she interviewed for it.  After receiving all three offers, Mistry had about a week to decide.  She immediately ruled out Kaiser because she realized she did not want to be in the health care industry after completing her internship.  When deciding between Cisco and Adobe, her choice came down to a feeling of fitting in with the company. 

According to Mistry, “What it came down to was really a personality fit. It was about team goals, the projects I would be working on, and what was more interesting to me.  It wasn’t that Cisco was not interesting, but I felt like I fit in better at Adobe and felt more connected with their goals.” 

Mistry hopes to one day become a project manager, and her new position as a business analyst in Adobe’s Flash platform group will put her on the path to achieve that goal.  She credits Santa Clara University with preparing her for and helping her earn her job at Adobe. 

“Honestly, without Santa Clara it would not have happened.  They gave me real life scenarios that I would not have gotten at any other school.  So going into the real world, the work place, it wasn’t that big of a transition because I had already experienced a lot of what we were doing at school beforehand. All the skills I learned in my OMIS classes, I used every single one of them in the workplace.  Even my managers would be impressed and ask ‘How do you know that?’ and I would say ‘I learned it in school!’”, says Mistry.

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