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 John Hamm: Hartford Business Journal: Trust Me, I'm a Leader

Wednesday, May. 11, 2011

John Hamm, Lecturer in Management, recently authored an article titled “Trust Me, I’m a Leader” that was published in the Hartford Business Journal.  In his article, Hamm asserts that a company’s performance will suffer if an organization’s employees do not view their leaders as trustworthy individuals.  According to Hamm, trust is pivotal because employees do not feel safe when they do not trust their leaders and are much less likely to take risks, which means there is less innovation and unexpected gain for the company. 

Hamm asserts that “trust is the most powerful, and most fragile, asset in an organization, and it is almost exclusively created, or hampered, by the actions of the senior leader on the team.”  Trust can offer some leverage when you must make unreasonable performance demands on your team.  If your employees trust you, it’s possible they will be more willing to meet your demands and help you when you’re in a tough situation. 

Hamm states that that a workplace’s trustworthiness must start with the leader.  He or she must be an example of trustworthiness for everybody else.  Hamm gives examples of things that you can do to provide trust- building leadership at your company.  These include revealing some vulnerability, being honest and forthright with your employees, not punishing “good failures,” and not squashing the flow of “bad” news. 

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