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 Fred Foldvary: Want to Add to Congestion? Then It's Going to Cost You: New York Times

Monday, May. 30, 2011

Fred Foldvary, lecturer in economics, was recently quoted in the New York Times, commenting on methods officials could use to alleviate traffic problems.  The article “Want to Add to Congestion? Then It’s Going to Cost You,” by Zusha Elinson discusses Bay Area transportation officials’ experiments with congestion pricing.  Last year, the Bay Bridge toll was raised from $4 to $6 during rush hours.  This change led to a small decrease, about two or three percent, in morning and afternoon traffic.

Foldvary has studied congestion pricing and believes the Metropolitan Transportation Commission needs to raise the Bay Bridge toll even more.  “They have to keep increasing the charge during the peak times, and maybe even reduce it at other times, to see a real change,” said Foldvary. 

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