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 Andre Delbecq: Professionals Tap a Higher Power in the Workplace: Workforce Management Magazine

Monday, Jun. 6, 2011

André Delbecq, J. Thomas and Kathleen McCarthy University Professor, was recently quoted in Workforce Management Magazine discussing the trend of employers accepting or even encouraging spirituality in the workplace.  Fara Warner’s article, “Professionals Tap a Higher Power in the Workplace,” highlights Tyson Foods Inc. as one company that has gone to great lengths to ensure employees’ spirituality is accommodated, to the extent of even creating a chaplain program. 

Delbecq emphasizes the importance of spirituality in our country, noting that studies show that more than 80% of Americans consider themselves religious or spiritual.  Delbecq says, “Workers expect that they will bring their imagination, their intellect, their emotion to work.  If they can’t integrate deeper meaning in their work, then they may feel they are doing hard time.” 

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