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 John Ifcher and Homa Zarghamee: Emotion's Role in Decision- making: Freakonomics

Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2011

John Ifcher, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Economics, and Homa Zarghamee, Assistant Professor of Economics were recently quoted in a New York Times blog called “Freakonomics.” Their forthcoming paper called “Happiness and Time Preference: The Effect of Positive Affect in a Random- Assignment Experiment” is the topic of the blog post, and the quote from their paper that is highlighted is, “Emotions have historically received a bum rap from decision researchers.” 

Ifcher and Zarghamee’s paper tackles the tricky role emotion plays in decision-making.  Their study measured the impact positive affect has on time preference, in other words, if happiness affected one’s patience.  The study found that one’s mood did in fact affect one’s time preference. 

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